Department of Public Safety Anonymous Reporting Form

The “Anonymous Reporting” form is provided to permit people to report crimes or “incidents of concern”, which are incidents that affect or may affect the health, safety or welfare of William Paterson University’s students, employees or its guests. If you know of a crime or incident of concern that has occurred, or that is occurring, or that may occur on campus, please report it to us.

Do not use this form to report an incident or crime which requires immediate response from the University Police. In these situations please call 973.720.2300.

To report a crime or an incident of concern, kindly complete this questionnaire and submit it by e-mail to the Department of Public Safety.

Please note: You are completing the following questionnaire under a condition of anonymity. If you would like us to contact you, please complete the "Contact Information" section at the bottom of the page. All information is kept confidential.


What type of crime/incident are you reporting?

posession use distribution
(please specify)

When did the crime occur?

Where did the crime occur, on or off campus at William Paterson University?

On Campus Off Campus

. If off campus
identify address, or if unknown, nearest landmark.